AUG. 1955
"Dong Yang Light Metal" Founded
MAY. 1956
Introduced Zipper Tape Machinery from Japan and the USA and started to manufacture the Products
MAY. 1958
Transferred the company name "Dong Yang Light Metal" to "Dong Yang Light Metal Ltd."
MAY. 1959
CEO Tak, SiKun founded "Dae Han Industry"
NOV. 1960
Transferred the company name "Dae Han Industry" to "Han IL Industry"
MAY. 1961
Completed to build GaeBong-Dong Factory and set up German machinery
OCT. 1961
Developed Carbon Safety Razor Blade
JUL. 1962
Developed Aluminum Zipper
JUL. 1963
Relocated HQ to GaeBong-Dong and set up Trading Dept
OCT. 1965
Han IL Industry Merged Dong Yang Light Metal Inc.
MAR. 1968
Developed Stainless Safety Razor Blade
MAY. 1973
Developed Hair Cutters
MAY. 1975
Designated as "Metropolitan SaeMaEul Model"
APR. 1976
Registered AAA trade mark at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry
MAY. 1976
Developed Aluminum Zipper
JUN. 1976
Permitted as Trading Company by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry
MAR. 1977
1. CEO Tak, SinKun got Awarded "Order of     Industrial Service Merit"
2. Entered the contract with Wilkinson to develop     Twin Blade
OCT. 1977
Completed to build Munmak Factory
NOV. 1977
Established "DORCO International"
FEB. 1979
Transferred "DORCO International" to "SEONG DO International"
NOV. 1979
Designated as Great Product Manufacturer
JUN. 1981
1. Received Minister Award from the Ministry of     Labor
2. Manufactured sterilized Single Blade Razors
NOV. 1961
HAN IL Industry merged SEO AHN Industry
DEC. 1981
1. Secondly Introduced Twin blades and razors     from Wilkinson in England
2. Manufactured sterilized Twin Blade Razors
APR. 1982
Manufactured Twin Blade Razors
JUN. 1982
Acquired 1st grade QC in Disposable Safety Razor category
JUN. 1983
Established HAN IL Zipper
SEP. 1983
Established BUSAN Branch of SEONG DO International
JAN. 1984
Started to manufacture Double Edge Blade and developed Twin Blade Razors with pivoting head
JUN. 1984
Developed medical knives and women's razors
NOV. 1984
Researched and Developed 16mm twin blade and single blade (SD502)
NOV. 1985
Won the Golden Award at Quality Control Standardization Contest
MAR. 1986
Yong-In Factory Received "Prime Minister Award"
MAY. 1986
Established DAEGU and KWANGJU branch of SEONG DO International
JUN. 1986
Established DAEGEON branch of SEONG DO International
JAN. 1987
Relocated SEONG DO International HQ to Seocho-dong Acquired 1st grade award in Quality Control
OCT. 1987
Won the Grand Advertising Award by Jung-ang Daily
DEC. 1987
Transferred the company name "SEONG DO International" to "DORCO Sales"
JAN. 1990
Transferred the company name to DORCO
NOV. 1991
Selected as "Great Brand"
NOV. 1992
HQ got "President's Quality Control Award"
"Export Achievement Trophy" Awarded for US$ 10 million on 29th Trading Day
MAY. 1993
Designated KS factory for kitchen knives
AUG. 1993
Established Quality Management Department
NOV. 1993
Acquired KS Mark for all the DORCO razor products
DEC. 1994
"Industrial Peace Prize" Awarded
MAR. 1995
Established US subsidiary, DORUSA
SEP. 1995
Acquired ISO9002 certificate
MAR. 1997
Established DORCO Institute of Technology
NOV. 1997
"Exportation Industry Merit Prize" Awarded
MAR. 1998
New CEO Hong, JuSik Inaugurated
NOV. 1998
Acquired New Technology Mark (NT) in Ultra Thin Cr Coating Technology category by SMBA
JAN. 1999
Developed TG technology and launched TG razors
JUN. 1999
Selected TG razors as "99' First Half HIT Product"
DEC. 1999
Started to manufacture TGC5500
DEC. 2000
Selected as "No.1 Brand Power" in razor category by Korean Brand Power Survey
MAY. 2001
Launched WIN3 ergonomically designed
NOV. 2001
Awarded "President’s Collective Prize" for Practical Use of New Technologies
FEB. 2002
2-year consecutively selected as "No.1 Brand Power" in razor category by Korean Brand
Power Survey
OCT. 2002
DEC. 2002
Selected as "World Best Product" in razor category
FEB. 2003
3-year consecutively selected as "No.1 Brand Power" in razor category by Korean Brand
Power Survey
JAN. 2005
1. Established DORCO USA sales subsidiary
2. Transferred DORUSA CO., INC to DORCO     AMERICA.CO., INC
3. Transferred DORUSA S.A. to DORCO
4. Relocated DORCO MEXICO S.A.
DEC. 2005
Established Shanghai Subsidiary in China
SEP. 2007
Launched PACE6
DEC. 2007
1. Got Web Award on www.pace6.com and     selected as Great Website in Life and Interior     category
2. Set a Medium Term Goal "Global DORCO Big 3, 2015" in the razor category
MAR. 2008
Established Hanoi Subsidiary in Vietnam
AUG. 2008
Acquired BRC CP Certificate
DEC. 2008
Reached 100 million dollars in total gross
JUN. 2010
Established London Subsidiary in England
AUG. 2010
Established Tokyo Subsidiary in Japan