DORCO, as a leading company in the Korean razor, razor blade, kitchen knives and stationery cutters, has been manufacturing and exporting the highest quality of the blades for 55 years.

We have a leading brand “PACE” in the razor category. Furthermore, over 1,200 different SKU’s in razors, blades, double edge blades, many different kinds of kitchen knives and stationery cutters are being offered under “DORCO” brands and Private Label lines.

We have exported the wide ranges of products to about 100 countries over the world and the market share of them keeps growing. We provide totally customer-oriented products through Private Label to Sainsbury, Carrefour, Auchan, Aldi and so forth in Europe and CVS, Walgreen, K-Mart, Dollar General and so forth in North America as well as through DORCO brand, or “Pace” to other retail and wholesale markets over the world.

We never stop developing new technologies for customers’ convenient life and keep making efforts to develop environmentally sustainable products. So, we aim to become one of the top global leaders in the razor business in 2015.