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7 Precision Aligned Blades

Micro positioned to deliver
the most comfortable and
smooth shave

Honeycomb Guard Bar

Soft rubber surface allows
effortless gliding on the skin

Advanced Moisturizing Strip

Antioxidants from Argan
oil and Calendula extract
minimizes skin irritation

Ergonomically Designed Handle

Ergonomically Designed Grip: A long,
slender handle fixed with a non-slip
rubber pad provides excellent
control and comfort.

Open Flow Cartridge

The unique, open-backed cartridge on the rear of the razor head makes rinsing the blades quick and simple.


Patented Angulated Blade Platform

Patented Angulated Blade Platform

Other Blade
Other Blade

Lubricating Strip

Argan Oil
Soothes dry skin and heals any possible
razors burns and bumps after shaving.
Calendura extract
Moisturize and soothes sensitive skin.
Calms allergies and skin irritation.

Patented Common Docking System

No more worries about matching exact handles with cartridges.
With Dorco’s common docking technology, found on the PACE® brand
shaving systems, you can mix and match to find the perfect combination
that’s right for you

Patented Common Docking System

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