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Organic Lubricating Strip

Lubricating strip mositurizes
calms and protects even the
most sensitive skin

The world’s first 6 Blade Technology

The world’s first 6 blade
razor offering a true one
stroke shaving solution

Common Docking System

With common docking, any
other Dorco cartridge will fit
on this razor-mix and match

Premium Rubber

Built-in rubber fin to prep hair
and a tilting head to cover
every angle of your face

Front-Hinged Swing System

The pivoting head guides the
razor along the bodyline for a
smoother and cleaner shave

Open Architecture of Cartridge

The open architecture on the back
of the blade cartridge makes it easy
to rinse the blade

Ergonomically Designed Handle

Non-slip rubbers along the side of the
handle provide special benefits
for a men’s grip


Patented Angulated Blade Platform

Patented Angulated Blade Platform

Other Blade
Other Blade

Lubricating Strip

Vitamin E
Anti-aging and anti-oxidant benefits
Moisturizes for more vibrant skin
Aloe Vera
Moisturize and soothes sensitive skin
Calms allergies and skin irritation
Lavender Extract
Rejuvenates collagen to reveal younger
looking skin Relieves any Possible
skin irritation

Patented Common Docking System

No more worries about matching exact handles with cartridges.
With Dorco’s common docking technology, found on the PACE® brand
shaving systems, you can mix and match to find the perfect combination
that’s right for you

Patented Common Docking System

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