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Kitchen knives Gold Series - Amaranth

Gold Series

  • Dorco Gold series are made of high quality
    German steel with the special formula.
  • They have exceptionally good cutting properties,
    optimum balance and safe hanuling.
*Available to print your company’s name or symbol on the blade
AMARANTH DKS1211-210 DKS1211-180 DKS1211-165 DKS6111-125 DKS6111-105
Total Length 330mm 307mm 283mm 228mm 208mm
Blade Length 209mm 185mm 162mm 123mm 103mm
Blade Thickness 1.80mm 1.80mm 1.80mm 1.50mm 1.50mm
PKG 80SETS / 0.080CBM / 19.2KG 80SETS / 0.080CBM / 17.3KG 80SETS / 0.080CBM / 15.5KG 150SETS / 0.053CBM / 13.2KG 150SETS / 0.053CBM / 13KG
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