why dorco

High Quality Raw Materials
The Finest Blade from France, Germany and Korea
Optimum Angle (30°) at the point of the knife
30° is the most suitable angle which helps easy-cut.
Fine DORCO Edges
The elaborate cutting edge and the rounded edge at the back of the knife make the cooking time perfect.
Safe and Hygienic Joint
This innovative technology enhances consumers’ health.
Innovative Design Handle for perfect grip
Weighty handle with optimum balance

Platinum Series

*Available to print your company’s name or symbol on the blade
NARCISSUS DKSF1131-195 DKSF5133-178 DKSF6111-120
Total Length 327mm 310mm 216mm
Blade Length 190mm 175mm 105mm
Blade Thickness 2.50mm 3.00mm 1.80mm
PKG 60SETS / 0.102CBM / 22KG 80SETS / 0.102CBM / 23.3KG 80SETS / 0.086CBM / 14.1KG
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